WizzRide and the Team !!

Started by a bunch of North Easterners from the hills with the pure intent of solving the countless problems faced by our people in the hills. The founders of WizzRide have had their respective decades of corporate experience working for top MNCs of the world. Having been allover the globe and seeing technology change the world into one of endless possibilities, this is their initative to make their home, a place of innovation where the people can benefit from technology as a part of their day to day lives and thus making lives better, easier, simpler and hassle-free.

WizzRide is a brand that has always had its heart among the people. Working relentlessly towards bringing in a huge revolution in the way people travel in the Hills. The vision is to help people of the hills find a better way to travel. Hoping that many of the WizzRiders out there will be able to benefit from the WizzRide service.

Today people in the hill-towns face so much issues with availability of parking spaces, unavailability of cabs, fluctuating prices, immense rush, where a person has to chose between comfort and his pocket. Often, people have been compromising purely due to lack of options. WizzRide, is the best option that strikes the perfect balance between luxury, comfort and pricing.

We hope and pray to not only create satisfied customers but to have you as our happy WizzRide family. WizzRide understands the Hills like no other. So come, join hands with WizzRide because TOGETHER WE MAKE TRAVEL SMARTER.